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Presentations2Go is the perfect tool for creating video content, clicknlinc is the
ideal tool to make video interactive and enrich with web content.

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E-commerce, medical
& Education

Film is a powerful medium that can entertain and tempt viewers and even inspire them to take action. We can turn objects into a webshop and the sale can be made right there within the film itself. By linking questions to the film, it becomes an excellent educational tool. Charities use film to convince people to support their cause. Making a donation has never been easier. Studies have shown that Clicknlinc is not only useful, fun and easy to use, but can even be crucially important in a medical context.


As mentioned, we can make any object in a film clickable. Simply clicking on the screen provides access to the additional information, questions or e.g. the webshop via a stylish pop-up. We can design these pop-ups in a style of your choice and they can be modified at any point.

The dashboard is one of Clicknlinc’s best features. With the Clicknlinc dashboard, we can show you exactly what viewers were most interested in, what questions they answered and e.g. how often a certain pop-up was clicked on. All this information is unique data that we can analyse for you in order to inform your viewers and clients even more effectively in the future.

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